This famous Jain pilgrim centre, one of the oldest in India, is situated 80 km from Mysore, 52 km from Hassan and 160 km from Bangalore. The literaly meaning of Sravanabelagola is ‘naked ascetic and white pond’ and it is known as one the greatest monuments of Jain art. The colossal statue of Gomateswara with a height of 57 feet is situated on the summit of Indragiri hill. It is one of the two giant sculptures in the world, after the Collosus Ramses II in Egypt. Military General Chamundaraya, General under the Ganga King Rachamalla, commissioned the carving of the huge statue during the 10th century. The Jain Muni Bhadrabahu, it is said, has accompanied the Emperor Chandraguptha to this place in 300 B.C. There are various sacred shrines with painted halls, bronzes and inscriptions of great events. There are a few beautiful monuments like Chamundaraya Kattale Basadi Chandragiri.