Thekkady is a thrilling tourist destination nestled in the lap of the mountains of the Western Ghats. This place gleams like a canvas of many shades and is lined with extensive spice gardens, plantations and estates. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary situated on the banks of the Periyar Lake and an artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam at Thekkady, are a testimony to human innovation. As a well-known wildlife sanctuary in South India, the Periyar sanctuary attracts a large number of nature lovers each year. The fresh air from the moist deciduous forests offers a chance to experience the peace and pristine tranquillity.

Season Timings

September to May: For an enthusiastic traveler September to May isthe ideal time to visit Thekkady, but the destination entertainsvisitors through out the year.

Places to Visit in Thekkady

Pandikuzhi: Pandikuzhi, a part of the hilly Western Ghats stretches just 5 kms away from Kumily. Even though it is an inhabited area, it is full of dense forests and teeming wildlife.

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is located in the high ranges of Western Ghats with an artificial lake created by Mullaperiyar dam. Periyar wild life sanctuary is a Project Tiger destination extending to an area of 777sq.kms. The fascinating panorama here teems with herds of wild elephants roaming along throughout the day. The site is also the habitation area of the Nilgiri tahr. A close watch of the beasts of the jungle is possible through a boat ride on the lake.

Murikkady: 5 kms away from Thekkady, it is a famous center for spices and is home to vast pepper, coffee and cardamom plantations.

Vandiperiyar: Renowned as a trade center, Vandiperiyar is located 18 kms away from Thekkady. The River Periyar, flowing through the center of the town, nurtures the plantations here. The Government Agriculture farm and flower garden is also located here.

Vandenmedu: An exotic destination located 4000m above sea level, it is just 25 kms away from Thekkady. This town is a Cardamom centre with sprawling cardamom plantations extending over vast areas.

Mangala Devi Temple: Kerala style of architecture is in full bloom in the Mangala Devi Temple situated 15 kms away from Thekkady. Visitors can enter the temple only on the Chithra Pournami day. The temple and the premises are more than 1300 m above the sea level.

Kumily: A town coming under Idukki district, Kumily is situated in the Cardamom Hills and is a bordering town between Kerala and Tamilnadu. Travelling to this destination is an impressive experience as the destination itself. Spectacular waterfalls and adventurous trekking trails can be performed in Kumily.

Activities in Thekkady

Trekking, Boat Riding, Hiking and Biking: Bestowed with hills and high land areas Thekkady and surrounding regions are well suited for adventurous trips like trekking, hiking and biking. Main trekking areas in Thekkady are Ottakathalamedu near Kumily, Pullumedu, Kurisumala, Ottakathalamedu near Kumily and Grampi near Vandiperiyar. Boat riding and bamboo rafting can be carried out in the Periyar River while simultaneously enjoying the hidden natural beauty.