Discover the world of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art form of Kerala. Various Kalari techniques such as Urumipayattu, Vaalpayattu, Kuruvadipayattu, Neduvadipayattu etc. are practised here.


The Experience: Steeped in history, Bekal is the erstwhile port town in the northern district of Kerala. The land boasts many famed forts, beaches, rivers and places of worship. A trip here is sure to be an unforgettable journey that will familiarise you with the people, nature and culture of Bekal. You can have the trip customized and opt your stopovers from the itinerary given below. An escort will accompany you for the trip.

TRADITIONAL FISHING, VALAVEESAL: We start our journey with a delightful trip to the lakeside. Here, you can witness Babu and a group of fishermen netting big catches using traditional fishing nets. Pick one from the fresh catches and they will prepare it for you by the lakeside. Learn a few tricks from the fishermen and try your luck at fishing.

SCREW PINE WEAVING: Elimbichi weaves magic out of the long and slender leaves of screw pine at Panayal. Here, a wide range of useful products are made out of screw pine including mats, hats, bags, files etc. As a substitute for plastic, it offers an eco-friendly choice. So, pick one for yourself.

COCUNUT LEAF WEAVING: Next we head to the coconut leaf weaving unit run by Rugmini. Here, you can witness a team of weavers swiftly braid coconut fronds with perfection. Woven leaves are used for thatching houses and fences. Take a few lessons from the weavers and try your hand at this indigenous craft.

LUNCH AT PUSHPA’S HOUSE: For lunch, a sumptuous meal awaits you at Pushpa’s house in Kekkanam. Prepared in Malabari style, a sadhya complete with boiled rice, koottukari, pickles, fish curry etc., will be served on a plantain leaf. Rich in spices, the cuisine is sure to set your tongues on fire.

TODDY TAPPING: After lunch, we head to Krishnan’s house to watch toddy tapping. He will climb up the tree and collect the sap drained into the pot attached at the top of the tree.

POTTERY: Pottery is the primary occupation of the villagers at Bekal. Kumaran’s house is a bevy of activity with the whole family involved in this fascinating craft. From vessels to decorative objects, here, a wide range of products are made from clay. Don’t forget to pick a well-crafted pot as a souvenir.

BAKEL FORT: Our next stop is Bekal Fort, Kerala’s largest fort. Explore the imposing structure, sprawling across 40 acres and get a glimpse into the history of Kerala. Adjacent to the fort is Pallikkara beach, offering you a sweeping view of the Arabian Sea.

THEYYAM (seasonal): Discover the cultural side of Bekal with Theyyam – a magnificent ritualistic art form of Northern Malabar. Vivid colours, elaborate costumes and rustic rhythms make Theyyam a visually rich experience. On Kerala’s cultural calendar, Theyyam season is from December to May. During these months, visitors will get an opportunity to witness a splendid Theyyam performance.