One of the most sought after wildlife destinations in the country, Thekkady is located on the banks of the Periyar Lake. Though renowned for its spices, what earned Thekkady its fame is the fact that it is home to an exotic range of wildlife species such as Langur, Gaur, Sambhar etc.


VINCANT’S HOUSE: Our journey begins from the house of Vincent Joseph, a traditional medical practitioner. Without using modern vessels, he prepares coffee in coconut shells, recreating the magic of coffee making from another era. While you enjoy a hot cuppa, Vincent will share with you its many secrets.

VALIYAPARA: We move on to a lesser known destination in Thekkady named Valiyapara, which translates to ‘huge rock’. We make our way to this huge rock through a dense bamboo forest. From the top of this rock, you can see the paddy fields and vegetable farms in Tamil Nadu villages, stretching as far as Goodalloor.

PAPPAD MAKING: Pappad is indispensable in every sumptuous Kerala meal. Get to know first-hand the various stages involved in pappad making with Rajeev, who along with his wife Priya, runs a pappad making unit as part of the Responsible Tourism Project. Don’t forget to get a pack when you leave.

BEE KEEPING: Bee-keeping is a craft that requires patience and passion. Antony practices sustainable bee-keeping at his house. Here, you can collect honey from the cardamom plantation and relish its fresh taste. You will also get some tips from Antony on how to distinguish pure honey from artificial hone

ASHRAM: Discover peace and serenity at the Shanthigiri Ashram. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with Swamiji, the spiritual guru. You will be served a sumptuous meal here. After lunch, take a stroll through the spice farm where cardamom and pepper are cultivated. There is also a power loom inside the Ashram where you get to see the traditional craft of mundu-making.

OTAKKATHALAMEDU: We head to Ottakathalamedu- a vantage point that offers the spectacular view of the Thekkady dam site and nearby hills. But be cautious, heavy winds often blow here. Make sure you don’t get carried away